Fact Sheets on Feral Hog Issues

Texas AgriLife Extension has developed publications for landowners on a variety of issues:

Capture Techniques

Recognizing Feral Hog Sign Spanish
Corral Traps for Feral Hogs Spanish
Box Traps for Feral Hogs Spanish
Placing and Baiting Feral Hog Traps Spanish
Door Modifications for Feral Hog Traps Spanish
Snaring Feral Hogs Spanish
Making a Feral Hog Snare Spanish


Feral hogs are not considered wildlife and are not classified as a game species in Texas. Instead, this exotic species is considered free-ranging livestock. Feral hogs and their damage are the responsibility of the landowner where they are found. As a result, landowners spend considerable time and money in attempt to manage these animals.

Once feral hogs are established in an area, complete eradication is almost impossible. There is no "silver bullet" or a single quick fix. However, by using multiple approaches, landowners and mangers can limit the size of feral hog populations and reduce the level of damage.

Each approach may be viewed as one option in the "toolbox" for feral hog management, and a combination of techniques will likely be needed to have a sustained effect and diminish feral hog impacts. For best results, these different techniques should be used simultaneously.